Residential Louvre Systems

Kiwis are most at home when they’re in the outdoors. But when the weather turns or the heat of the sun becomes too much to handle, we often have to retreat inside.

LouvreSpan's unique patio cover system gives homeowners the power to create functional outdoor living areas that can be used all year round. During summer, control how much sunlight or shade you want in your outdoor space by opening or closing the louvres, then when the weather turns close it all up to stay dry and protect your outdoor furniture. During the cooler months, use the adjustable louvres to direct warm winter sun into your home exactly where you want it to hit.

LouvreSpan's smart aluminium construction, including the support systems, is superior to wood, iron, steel and metal covers because it won’t rust. Our extruded louvres come with a rubber seal that adds an additional barrier against the elements. Maintenance is easy too; just an occasional wash with hot, soapy water is all you need to keep it looking in pristine condition.

No project is one-size-fits-all. Install a louvre roofing system over your deck to create a weather-proof entertainment area or cover your patio to create a relaxing oasis among your plants. Kids can play outside 365 days of the year under a LouvreSpan patio cover, and hot tubs or spas can be partially enclosed to give the feeling of soaking under the stars while remaining protected from the elements. Split your deck cover into sections so the part above your barbeque can open to let smoke and steam out while the part above your guests remains closed to keep them warm and snug. You can even affix patio heaters to your louvre roofing system to create a comfortable, relaxing space that can be used all year round.

Extruded Louvres

  • Low profile measures 2mm thick
  • Fitted with rubber seals to provide a second layer of defence from the elements
  • Seal attached via a protruded channel; uses a level fin attachment technology which allows for easy removal and installation as needed
  • Open and close louvres as needed, to 130o open and 0o shut
  • Install a motorised system with a remote
  • Unique engineering allows for high wind resistance while maintaining a light live load
  • Chose of colours from the Duralloy Dulux colour range
  • Easy to install and doesn’t require screws; can be snapped into space
  • Design your louvres in any shape like round, wavy or triangular
  • UV-protected
  • Unique design reduces rain noise
  • Can be manufactured up to 7 metres long
  • Built to withstand winds of up to 240 km/hr
  • Engineered glass composite brackets
  • Extensive product warranties
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The LouvreSpan Difference

  • A powder coated aluminium louvre and rafter system.
  • Modular system that is not restricted to any particular size or frame.
  • Rafter spans 5 metres
  • Louvres and rafters can be fitted to an existing pergola
  • Not over engineered as the system weighs 12kgs per m2
  • Parts are easy to replace
  • Can be mounted on an angle
  • More cost effective

  • A Quality Product That’s Backed By A Quality Guarantee

    5 Year Warranty
    The motor, mother board, transformer and remote control are warranted for five years from the date of completed installation.

    10 Year Warranty
    The support beams, rafters and louvres that are supplied by LouvreSpan come with a 10 year warranty.

    More Warranty Details