About LouvreSpan

New Zealanders love the outdoors – it’s practically in our DNA – but sometimes the weather stops us from making the most of it.

The LouvreSpan team understands that many Kiwis can’t afford to invest in expensive louvre roof systems. We also believe that getting outside shouldn’t be limited by budget.

That’s where LouvreSpan comes in. LouvreSpan is a high-tech New Zealand-developed louvre roof system that encloses an outdoor zone to create a functional space that can be used all year round. Sound familiar? Well, LouvreSpan does everything that the other louvre systems do… without the same expensive price tag. We can also do what other Louvre systems cannot do. Read more about what makes LouvreSpan different.

The LouvreSpan patio cover system is made from solid powder-coated aluminium (just like the other guys) and opens and closes (just like the other guys) depending on the weather. What makes us different – and therefore more affordable – is our thinner profile, standardisation and modular construction. Our range of standardised means that it’s quicker, easier and cheaper to design an outdoor space that ticks all your boxes.


Tried & Tested
Outdoor Louvres

What really sets Louvre Span apart is its testing and development process. Manufactured and assembled in New Zealand, the Louvre Span system has been proven to withstand even the most extreme of weather conditions, from temperatures that sit around 30 degrees Celsius, snow and right through to hurricanes and hail storms. Louvre Span also performs well against the effects of sea salt erosion which is particularly beneficial for New Zealand homes that have been built close to the coast.

Louvre Span is a family business owned and run by Brendon Sweeney, a Naval Architect by trade with a background in Residential Drafting and a few years under his belt as an Art Director in film, and his wife Abby, who has a Design degree and experience in Brand Management and Marketing. The pair is committed to enabling ordinary New Zealanders to create extraordinary outdoor areas, without the need for a big budget. All installation is carried out by the Louvre Span team, and every project comes with thorough product warranties to give an added level of reassurance – read more about them here.

To find out how you could transform your outdoor space, give the friendly Louvre Span team a call.

Functional, affordable outdoor spaces
– rain or shine

LouvreSpan’s affordable and flexible louvre roofing systems give both homeowners and business owners the freedom to create functional outdoor spaces that can be used all year round, whatever the weather.




Transform your deck or patio into an entertainer’s paradise, a relaxing oasis or somewhere the kids can play whatever the weather, with a LouvreSpan patio cover.



Ideal for the likes of cafes, restaurants, schools and garden centres, a LouvreSpan louvre roofing system will help you maximise your commercial space 365 days of the year.

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